As per the PIPEDA - the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act, Central Rehab Inc.'s Privacy Policy covers all collections, uses and disclosures of personal information in the course of commercial activity, and answering personal health information will continue to be managed and shared confidentially and securely: 

  1. Obtaining consent and identifying the purpose for the collection of personal information.
  2. Procuring additional consent for any secondary use or disclosure of the information.
  3. Communicate to individual what personal information is being collected, why, how it will be used, disclosed and protected.
  4. Collection of personal information is limited to what is necessary for the identified purposes and will be collected by fair and lawful means.
  5. Information will be protected by adequate safeguard.
  6. CRI's privacy policies and practices will be made common knowledge and be made readily available.
  7. Policy is in place to address complaints of non-compliance of CRI Privacy Practices.

Further Privacy Policy details available upon request.